Sneaky Places Pests May be Lurking

Most people expect to only find critters and pests in their garage or on their back porch, but there are plenty of other areas pests can be lurking each season. Unfortunately, pests look for small and dark places to hide, which means they are often present in areas you may not expect on the property. If you want to discover sneaky places pests may be lurking, there are a few important places to examine.

Electrical Outlets

Bedbugs, ants, and beetles are all prone to finding a place to hide in electrical outlets because of the small holes that are present. One of the main signs that you have an infestation is if you spot dry powdery residue on the outside of the outlet. If you remove the cover and spot bugs, they are likely also present in other areas of the home.

Junk Drawers

Once you discover pests and critters may be hiding in your junk drawer, it can offer enough motivation to get everything organized. The amount of clutter that accumulates in the drawer can provide bugs with more than enough places to hide and breed, which can be problematic if you start digging around for an item. Clean everything out and wipe down the drawer to avoid attracting ants or spiders.

Christmas Trees

You may assume that your Christmas tree is in perfect condition each time you get it out of the attic and unbox it, but spiders and mites are prone to taking up residents in the branches. Perform a thorough inspection with a flashlight to discover any areas where bugs or eggs may be present. You may need to hose off the materials or even discard them, depending on the severity of the infestation.


Failing to clean out your purse every week can make it all the easier for bugs to hide in the bag because they often look for dark, cool places to reside. Purses are known to attract bed bugs, which can cause them to inhabit other places of the home or even transfer to other buildings as you take your purse with you while on the go throughout the day.

Knowing the right places to look when you are ridding your home of pests is crucial since bugs and rodents are not only gross, but more importantly, they can cause a lot of damage to pieces of your home if left to their own devices. By using the right resources and tools, you can keep them away and have more peace of mind.

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By Ripple Creek Homes 1-28-2021



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