Energy Saving Myths Busted

Especially now that we are running our heating more often, ways to save on energy usage are on the minds of many. Maybe your first thought is to rely on old suggestions that you were given by an old family member or friend. And while some of those old suggestions may have been helpful several years ago, times have changed. Technology, building materials, and building standards have changed. So which energy saving suggestions are outdated or down right myths? Let us point out a few.

Close Off Vents in Empty Rooms

At a glance, this suggestion seems to make sense. Why heat an empty room? The problem with this comes from pressure buildup, though. If you restrict airflow to certain rooms, the air with no place to go may cause pressure buildup in your HVAC ducts, which might in turn lead to compromised and leaky ducts. Which would end up wasting energy. The very thing you were trying to avoid.

Heat a Home Fast By Turning Up the Heat

When you are sitting at home and it begins to feel a little chilly, naturally, you take that as a sign to turn up the heat. Sometimes, homeowners will crank the thermostat up high to expedite the heating process and then turn the heat back down. In reality, this method will not actually heat up your home faster. It will only cause your HVAC system to need to work harder to reach the desired temperature. Instead, you can achieve the same results on a more consistent basis by using a programmable thermostat and setting it to a comfortable temperature from the start.

Hand Washing Dishes is Better Than Using the Dishwasher

This is one of those things that may have been true at one time but is not true today. With modern appliances, running your dishwasher will save water as opposed to washing a lot of dishes by hand. Of course, it is still not energy efficient to run a near empty dishwasher, so if you only have a dish or two to wash, hand washing is still a great option for smaller tasks.

Save Energy and Increase Lifespan by Using Appliances Less

You may reason that you can save energy and make your appliances and HVAC system last longer by using them sparingly. This can prove to be the opposite. Just like how a car that is not used regularly is more prone to develop problems, so too with many of your appliances and HVAC systems. The dishwasher is a common appliance that falls victim to this line of reasoning. But because it is designed to be exposed to moisture regularly, if left to sit, seals may end up cracking and rust may develop.

Ultimately, having newer, energy efficient appliances in your home will be what saves you the most energy and money. That is why our Ripple Creek Homes are always built with modern energy efficient materials and appliances. Beauty and function are our top priorities. Browse our available listings today!

By Ripple Creek Homes 1-26-2022



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