How to Draw Fireflies to Your Backyard

There’s nothing quite as magical as an evening yard filled with fireflies. Children and adults alike have long been enamored with these little creatures and it’s easy to understand why. Fireflies are most active during the summer months, so if you want them to light up your yard, here are a few things you can do to encourage them to stop by.

Don’t Cut Your Grass Short

The first thing you should know about fireflies is that they like long grasses. You can often find them chilling out on longer blades of grass during the day. For this reason, if you can keep your grass a little bit longer, it will give them a place to rest. If, however, you like to keep your grass short, consider planting some tall ornamental grasses along your yard. This way the fireflies will have refuge without your grasses being overgrown.

Provide Some Food Sources

As with any type of creature that you want in your yard, the best way to get them to come over is by providing them with some of their favorite foods. So, what exactly do fireflies eat? Their main sources of food are small garden pests, pollen, and plant nectar. They will eat worms and snails and they love flowering plants.

In addition to food, fireflies are also attracted to water. A little bird bath or water feature will make your yard quite the firefly hangout.

Turn Off the Lights

If you have porch lights or solar lights around your yard, this can detract fireflies from coming by. They like to gather in darker areas where they can see the lights of their fellow lighting bug friends. That’s why you should try to eliminate excess light around your yard if you can.

Keep a Wood Pile

Having a pile of firewood in your yard will also attract fireflies to the area. Worms, snails, and slugs all like to gather around a wood pile and as we mentioned, these are primary food sources for fireflies. Female fireflies will also appreciate soft wood because this is a common place for them to lay their eggs. If you do not have a need for firewood, however, making small piles of twigs and fallen branches around your yard will provide a similar result.

So go ahead! Try some of these suggestions out and you will be delighted with summer evenings with your firefly friends.

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By Ripple Creek Homes 6-24-2022



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