When to Plant New Trees

Every year that goes by it seems that the weather is getting more and more different than what is normal to the area. That being said, your plants and trees that are newly planted might not be strong enough to make it through harsh winters or through severe hot summers. Many homes today are in neighbors that are controlled by an HOA. This means that they can require you to replace certain trees on your property. This can mean that a very unwanted and unexpected letter might be sent to you and that can mean an unexpected expense. Even if you aren’t replacing trees you may just want to add trees to your yard either front or back. So here are some tips on when to plant these trees so that they have the best chance of survival.


Trees are very sensitive to the elements outside therefore the timing of when you plant the tree is very important. There are two different groups of trees we will talk about. The first group is deciduous, these are ones that you can easily spot in the spring time and fall. These are the types of trees that you see the leaves falling off in the fall and are budding in the spring time. Therefore, these trees will give you clear evidence on when you should plant them. It is advisable that you plant your trees in the late winter early spring time because the trees aren’t as active. This means that you will be disturbing the tree as least as possible giving it the best chance to thrive. Planting at this time of year also means that the tree won’t be in weather that is too harsh for it. Just make sure to take note of the clear signs of when your trees are still in a “dormant” state to be able to plant it while it is still in a less active state.


These are very different types of trees than the deciduous groups. They have a tougher way about them than deciduous trees. This means that you don’t have to be as precise when you plant these trees as you do with the others which is good if you aren’t very good with details and precision. This means that you have a larger spectrum of when you can plant your new evergreen trees. You can plant these trees early in the fall time or even late in the spring. The only thing that you must watch out for is the weather. You just have to gauge when the right time will be, not too cold and not too hot.

To keep your trees alive after you plant them is just as important as when you plant them. During the different seasons means that you’re going to have to care for your trees in a different manner. This will mean that you’re going to have to give it some extra time and attention. Stay tuned during the different seasons to learn how to best take care of your trees. Ripple Creek Homes loves nature and has a green thumb, so we know how to take care of them. Take a look at the homes we have available with the beautiful trees surrounding it.

By Ripple Creek Homes 5-30-2018



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