What You Need to Consider When Moving

Springtime is usually when the housing market picks up. Now a days you have homes selling within hours. It can be difficult to get the home that you have got your eyes set on. Regardless of if you are buying a brand-new home or one that is previously owned, the moving process does not change much. Here at Ripple Creek Homes, we know that moving is stressful. We want to give you some tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Declutter and Simplify!

We all have those things that we have kept for years but also have not used for years. If you know that when you get into your new home, it is going to be put in storage for another couple of years then it might be time to just get rid of it. There is no point to keep moving it around to be kept in storage. It may not seem like a lot, but it all piles up in the end. Ultimately you spend more time and energy on something that could be better spent elsewhere.

When it comes to those items that you have been storing for a year, it can be a perfect time to sell them and make money to help with some of the moving costs. This will take time and effort so it is best to start on this as soon as you can. Simply start making piles of things that you want to sell and then pack up what you want to keep.

Time Management

Packing up a whole house and moving to somewhere else, even if its just down the street, is a huge task. It can get overwhelming quickly. So, the sooner that you start, the more time you give yourself, and the better you can pace it all. If you give yourself enough time you can simply put a timer on for 1 hour a day and pack what you can in that one hour. Once the timer goes off, stop. Do this everyday and you will be amazed at how much you can get done in just 1 hour a day.


Packing may be the easiest thing for you. Many people forget that they need to allot plenty of time to clean their home before handing the keys over to someone else. When you look around it might not seem like a big deal but there can be years of oil on the kitchen cabinets. Or kid’s rooms that you thought were getting cleaned each week. There are a whole host of reasons why it might take you longer than expected.

Ripple Creek Homes understand that there is much so involved in moving to a new home. It is important that you have people you can rely on and trust throughout the process. That is why when you buy a Ripple Creek Home, you are not just getting a home, but you are getting a network of people who will help you through the whole home buying process from start to finish. Give us a call to look at one of our homes today.

By Ripple Creek Homes 5-24-2021



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