Benefits of Living Near Nature

Nature just seems to have a way of setting us straight and putting us on a path of success no matter where we are in life. The benefits of being in nature are endless. Knowing this, Ripple Creek Homes has picked lots of land that have nature a stones throw away to ensure that the benefits of it are endless throughout your life. We know that its not just beautiful to see but that when living near nature it has lasting effects to you and your families health. Here we want to go through some of the benefits that it offers. This information is taken from an article called "Why Living Near Nature Could Make You Live Longer" by the Washington Post.

It first goes to bring out that those who live closer to nature "have a lower risk of mortality" because nature offers "improved mental health, social engagement and physical activity". The research done was extensive taking data from 2000 - 2008 of deaths that had occurred and their causes. In addition to this that also invested in gathering satellite data to see how much nature surrounded their home.

They found that those who lived in amongst the most nature had a 12 percent lower rate of dying from natural causes. In the study "they found that the relationship was strongest for deaths related to respiratory disease, cancer and kidney disease". The interesting find with regards to this is that it didn't seem to show a preference to ones "income, weight or smoking status" or their home location.

No doubt the effect nature has on the air has an effect as the article brought out. It allows the air to be cleaner, getting rid of harmful pollutants. Additionally, there is also the fact that it helps our mental health. Although its not conclusive just how it helps our mental health, regardless they have evidence that it does. Social interaction is often boosted when it comes to living in or near nature and improves "people's mindsets".

Ripple Creak Homes knows that nature is good for the health of all. That is why we have chosen to build in places where nature is close by. Take a look at the communities we are building in. You'll find that the bio always mentions nature at your fingertips. Buying a house from us isn't just about making it a home, it's about helping your families health in the longterm as well. We care about not just the houses we build but the lives that make them a home.

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-20-2017



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