Restain Your Deck This Spring

There are many different aspects to a home. Most of them you probably don’t even think about until there is something wrong with it. Ripple Creek wants to help you maintain your home in a way that keeps it healthy while keeping cost down to a minimum. Having expert knowledge when it comes to the maintenance of a home, we can help you to stay on top of that never ending to do list. There is an important truth that all homeowners will benefit by accepting: it will always be cheaper if you regularly inspect your home and fix the problems while they are relatively small. If you don’t have money to do that then you really won’t have the money when the problem is bigger, and you must fix it. Today we want to help you take care of your deck.

When it comes to your deck and real wood, it takes effort to maintain it since it can warp, mold, and rot. If left untouched the cost to replace your deck will be much more expensive than sanding it and resealing it every couple of years. What’s the process then? The process is very simple. The first step is to rent a large sander at your local hardware store. Make sure that you pick the correct type of sander. You don’t want one that has a belt or that rotates because it runs the risk of gouging your wood and doing some serious damage. You want to get a simple vibrating sander. These are easy to operate and produce great results. When it comes to the railings, you’ll need to make sure you have a hand sander.

After everything has been stripped, you’ll then want to clean it off to be able to get it ready for the stain. Once you have sprayed it off with your hose, you’ll want to make sure that its completely dry. After you have done this, you’ll be ready to apply the stain. Make sure that you go through research on the type of stain that would be best for you. Depending on what you decide to get it will affect how often you will have to go through this process. Each stain will have different instructions on how to apply it and it’s pertinent that you follow them.

Ripple Creek Homes has been able to help many homeowners maintain their homes over the years. We have also been able to give many families the perfect home for a family to truly be able to grow and thrive in. Call us to look at the homes we have available today! Or fill out our online request form.

By Ripple Creek Homes 5-29-2019



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