Fitness Around the House

It is easy to incorporate fitness into your daily routine at home without going to the gym. While we may have many excuses for not going to the gym, it is possible to enjoy a gym's benefits at home.

Use the Bed for Pushups

A common exercise that can make a significant impact on your workout routine is push-ups, but many find them too hard on the shoulders at first. Make them possible with the following version.

Stand facing your bed. Position your body do that your hands are on the edge, but your body is straight and your feet are on the floor. You will then bend your arms, lowering your body until your elbows are bent 90 degrees. then straighten your arms and repeat.

You can also do sit-ups buy simply as laying your back on the floor with your feet tucked under your bed frame. Begin doing the sit-ups repeatedly.

Lifting Laundry

Many laundry activities can make good exercises for your body. Folding, bending, lifting, and carrying clothes make for an excellent way to maintain a healthy body. However, ensure the lifting is not too heavy or awkward to avoid hurting your back. Make more trips walking up and down your house and maximizing every opportunity to exercise your body.

Chair Lifts

Who knew your dining chair could be the perfect object for exercising? Stand next to your dining chair with your feet apart and hold both sides of the chair as you raise it above your head.

Do not let the back of your chair touch your shoulders when lifting it.

While holding the chair up, extend your arms then bend, repeating this so you are lifting the chair up and down above your head.

Play Soccer

A simple soccer game can add some fun to your home workout. This is not only a game for professionals and amateurs, but you can also incorporate it to enhance your exercise.
Bounce the ball on your knees, interchanging from one knee to another.

Taking your knees higher gets the entire body moving and even more flexible.

Jumping Rope

Even if you do not have a rope at home, you can still perform the movements.
Just jump up and down with your hands in the air moving back and forth, pretending you have a rope. It is as easy as that.

Canned Goods as Weights

Do some weightlifting using various items such as heavy canned goods or even a gallon jug of water. Try out some bicep curls or lift the objects to your sides or front while keeping your arms straight.

Remember to observe safety measures when doing any form of exercise at home. Ensure your environment is safe and comfortable for your workout.

By Ripple Creek Homes 4-30-2021



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