How to Properly Maintain Your Pool

There is nothing quite like cooling off from the summer heat in your very own swimming pool. If your pool is not properly cared for, however, the water can become unbalanced, green, and overrun with leaves and bugs. The solution, of course, is regular maintenance. Establishing a regular routine of maintenance is vital. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on the subject.

Keep It Balanced

Making sure your water stays balanced is essential. If your pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels are out of whack, this can lead to several undesirable issues. Namely, cloudy water, scale buildup, corrosion, and swimmer skin irritation. Make sure you know where your levels should be at and check to see that they are correct weekly.

Shock Your System

Shocking is the process of treating your water with 3-5 times your normal amount of chlorine. Many recommend doing this weekly if your pool gets heavy traffic, or at least twice a month. The process does not have to take a long time to complete. Some shocking products allow you to jump back in after only 15 minutes. On a day-to-day basis, make sure not to neglect regular smaller doses of chlorine. These chemicals are critical to maintaining a safe swimming environment, free of nasty bacteria and ugly microorganisms.

Stave Off Algae

In addition to bacteria and microorganisms, another thing that can crash your pool party is algae. Algae can grow widely and quickly. If you have neglected your algaecide treatments, do not be surprised if you go to bed to a clear pool and wake up to a green swamp-like mess. Algaecide works by neutralizing any existing algae while preventing new algae from forming. Dropping in a treatment weekly, or biweekly should keep your water clear.

Other Potential Problems

Do not forget that you can avoid extra work for yourself by covering your pool when storms roll in. Heavy winds and rain can turn your pool into a catchall for all sorts of debris, and the rainwater can disrupt the water that you worked so hard to balance.

Additionally, when it comes to chemicals, it is important that you store and dispose of them carefully. Make sure to keep the containers dry and avoid reusing them. The main rule of thumb is that although you can add chemicals to your water, never add water to your chemicals.

Once you have created a regular maintenance routine, you can confidently enjoy your pool all season long!​

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By Ripple Creek Homes 6-18-2021



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