How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Ripple Creek Homes believes you should not have to sacrifice functionality for style. That is why we love to build thoughtfully designed laundry rooms, equipped with plenty of workspace and storage areas. But everyone knows that a “lived in” look is not difficult to achieve when you lead a busy life. Things get cluttered, it happens. But with these super simple tips, you can get your laundry room in order and keep it that way.

Baskets and Bins

One of the easiest ways to make everything neat and tidy is to give everything a designated place. So, jaunt on down to Target, (you know you wanted to anyway) and pick up whatever baskets you like. A row of matching baskets is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you pass them. Group similar items in the same basket, like guest towels in one and detergent and fabric softener in another.


Along with your convenient row of baskets, take your organization to the next level by labeling them. This way you do not have to reach and pull multiple containers out until you find the thing you are looking for. It is also not a bad idea to keep things you use more frequently at arm’s length and less used items on higher shelves.

Use Jars

If you are really wanting to put a pretty face on this functional space, ditch the containers your soaps and things come in. Instead, use glass or decorative jars to store powdered detergent, clothes pins, and more!

Make a Lint Box

For a quick and easy way to dispose of fuzzy lint from your dryer, make a wall hanging lint box. Simply take a plastic or metal file box, decorate it to your style, and hang up near your dryer. Voila!

Bring in Bookshelves

If you are lacking shelving and space for storage in your laundry room, an easy fix is to place bookshelves in an unused corner of the room. You may be amazed at how adding just a few extra shelves can easily clean up your space.

The battle with laundry is never ending, especially if you have a family. But hopefully by incorporating a few of these tips, you can make this necessary chore just a little bit easier. From lawn care to family fun ideas, our blogs are full of useful information for homeowners. Feel free to hang out for a while and give our other blogs a browse.

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-5-2019



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