How to Prevent Oven Fires

Preventing disasters at home is far easier, safer, and more budget friendly than having to deal with their aftereffects once they've happened. This is certainly the case when it comes to oven fires. Statistically, house fires most often start in the kitchen. And you don't need us to tell you that they can be deadly. So, what practical steps can you take to prevent oven fires and keep your family safe? Here are a few tips.

Never Leave the Oven Unattended

We’re not saying that you need to babysit your oven the entire time that it's in use, but we strongly recommend not leaving the house while it's on. This can be especially tempting if you are slow cooking meat or dehydrating veggies all day. You might think that a quick jaunt to the store is no big deal, but fires can break out quickly. If you're home and a fire breaks out, you can take immediate measures to smother it. But if you're gone and this happens, you may have given it just enough time to cause devastation.

Cover Foods That Need It

Food, fat, and grease that splatter onto the heating elements in your oven have serious potential to cause fires. Eliminate this risk and keep your oven clean by simply placing a cover over dishes that are likely to splatter while cooking.

Regularly Clean and Service Your Oven

And the last thing you can do to prevent oven fires is to regularly clean and service your oven. Any fallen bit of food should be removed as soon as you can safely do so. If you leave remnants of food behind, each time you use your oven, there is an increased risk that those remnants may catch fire. It is also wise to have your oven professionally serviced annually to ensure that everything is in good working order.

If you keep these tips in mind when using and caring for your oven, you can prevent oven fires to the best of your ability.

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By Ripple Creek Homes 4-29-2022



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