Tips for a Better BBQ

One of the joys of owning your own home is entertaining friends and family. That is why when we build a Ripple Creek home, we always create indoor and outdoor spaces that you want to get together in. One of the best ways you can entertain during the Summer is with a BBQ. If you want a few easy ways to step up your grilling game, we have a few we would like to share with you.

Check Your Fuel

The best way to kill a good BBQ is to run out of fuel. So, do not forget to check how much you have before you get started! Even if you do not have a proper propane gauge, you can still accurately check your fuel levels. All you need to do is turn off the gas, disconnect the propane tank, and tilt it slightly to the side. Then pour a boiling cup of water along its side. Finally, run your hands along the tank in search of where it feels cool to the touch. This is where your fuel level is.

Set up Heat Zones

To prepare your grill for different kinds of meats and cooking techniques, fill one half of your grill with charcoal while leaving the other half bare. This will create two different heat zones. The side with charcoal will create a more direct heat that is great for searing hot dogs and burgers, and the side without will offer indirect heat that is excellent for slow cooking tender cuts of meat like ribs and pork shoulders.

Add Smoke

One thing that will truly take you from amateur to grill master is the addition of wood chips. You can infuse so many flavors into your meat by folding water-soaked wood chips into a pouch of tin foil. Poke a few holes in the top of the pouch and set it alongside the charcoal.

Keep the Flavor In

If your grilled goodies end up with great flavor but somehow end up dry too, try wrapping them in tin foil. Either wrapping them in tin foil or creating a tent with foil over your meats will ensure that all the juicy goodness stays right where it should.

Hack the Cleanup

If you think that keeping a grill clean is more work than it is worth, try these few tricks. Firstly, instead of scrubbing your grill grates for an hour or so after your guests leave, get it out of the way while the grill is still warm. Take half an onion or a balled-up piece of tin foil and use that to scrub away the char. You will find that the mess comes right off. And as for the ash collector? Place the entire collector into an empty grocery bag. Then, simply flip it over and tap the sides of the container for a tidier way to dispose of ashes.

Now all you need is to fire up the grill and put these tips to good use! Be sure to keep checking back on our blog page for more inspiration and tips from bathroom remodels to gardening.

By Ripple Creek Homes 6-22-2020



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