Organize Your Entertainment Area

One of the most used rooms in the home is the entertainment area. We play games, listen to music, watch movies and favorite tv shows with the family. Ripple Creek Homes knows that it can be one of the most important rooms in the home when it comes to bringing the family together. So, we have the tips and tricks that will help you get your entertainment area ready to go for the cooler months are coming up quickly.

Organize: Your Cords

There always seems to be a numerous amount of cords running from the device to the receiver and the receiver to the tv and so forth. This creates a messy look that no one likes to see. To help organize your cables you’ll want to hook up one device at a time and if they are all going to the receiver then take some zip ties and tie them together after you get them situated in a spot that they are less conspicuous. Often, you’ll be able to hide them completely depending on your entertainment center you have. This takes time and patience to get them organized by devices and making sure that they aren’t peeling through.

Organize: Your Movies

While we may be reluctantly converting to the digital ages there is just something about still having your DVDs on hand in case something happens to go wrong with technology, which often happens. As the years go by it seems that you collect more and more of them until you have no idea where to put them. There are many different options when it comes to your DVDs such as you could copy them over to your computer and download a software that will go through and organize them in a beautiful way that displays on your TV through one of your connected devices that talks to your computer.

The other option is to organize the actual DVDs in their cases in a way that is easily accessible and yet carefully concealed so that you still accomplish that clean finished look. Often though the DVDs aren’t in the right case and placed in which ever order that you can fit them in. If there are cases with no DVDs then remove those and organize the remainder to your liking.

Organize: Your Area

If this is the area where the family hangs out, then arrange things so that you have everything you like to do in the room. If you have movies on one side of the entertainment center and like to also play board games, then put that on the other side. Make it so that everything is comfortably in reach when the family is around. If you have an ottoman that has storage below take advantage of it, place blankets below so that everyone has something to snuggle up with when it starts to get colder out.

Ripple Creek Homes is all about family and the time that you get to spend with them. That is why we build homes that are for the whole family. With a large family room and beautiful outdoor sitting area there is room for the whole family to have fun. Check out the homes that we have available today!

By Ripple Creek Homes 9-11-2018



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