Creating the Perfect Summer Night

With this beautiful time of the year there are so many beautiful nights to be enjoyed. We want to help you enjoy it with your new Ripple Creek Home. Our homes are generally made with a beautiful backyard patio that has an outdoor fireplace. This makes it perfect for summer nights when you want to relax or have a good time. Here are some of the ideas we had for those families who have bought a home from us.

Among the first steps is to make this place your own. This is done by simply choosing what you want and love and then carrying it out. Pick a nice outdoor rug that suits the space nicely. Then make sure to get furniture that is comfortable and fits with your style. Arrange it in a way next to the fire that will allow for you and perhaps your guests to enjoy the popping of the firewood. However, furniture is nice when you’re out next to the fire but in creating your own space there is more to be done.

You want to create a relaxing ambience. Hanging up twinkle lights or the like can help in this aspect. When you turn on the outside lights that are installed with the home it can often be too bright not allowing for the right mood to be created. Figuring out the lights you like will help you to create your perfect outdoor space. The next addition that will help is by installing speakers to play light background music. This adds a layer to the atmosphere that will make this your favorite spot in the home.

Make sure that you have a table to put a glass of wine or drink of your choice. Stoke up the fire. Turn off the house lights and turn on your twinkle lights. Add a little music to the background and enjoy. A relaxing night like this can help you to unwind when you need it. It is also the perfect way to have the family around telling stories and getting a good laugh. Never under estimate what a couple of twinkle lights and good furniture can do around an outdoor fire place can do.

Ripple Creek Homes believes that every family should have their own get away after a long day’s work. We build our homes in a way that you can have one inside for the winter and outside for the summer. If you want a home where you have your own space to relax beyond the normal living space that you’re in day in and day out then call us today! We have homes available that are perfect for you and your family.

By Ripple Creek 7-11-2018



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