How to Enjoy Nature in Winter

Ripple Creek Homes knows how important it is for people to be close to nature. That is why we choose to build in neighborhoods that are surrounded by natural beauty. But when it is cold out and all the greenery is hibernating, how can you and your family still enjoy the loveliness of nature? Here are a few ways.

Bird Watch

We may not get a ton of snow here in Oklahoma, but on days that we do or on days when it is exceptionally cold, you can still enjoy watching the beauty outside. While most birds fly to warmer climates during the Winter, there are over 100 varieties of birds that stick around Oklahoma during the colder months. Stay warm and toasty in your home while watching the pretty visitors that come by your windows when you are stuck inside.


People continue to hike in all sorts of conditions. And because we do not usually have to fight against snow in OK, bundling up and going for a refreshing hike is still enjoyable in Winter. A trip around Lake Arcadia is always pleasant or do a quick search of nearby trails to find one that appeals to you.

Ice Skate

Many public hubs, such as malls or zoos, will designate an area for an ice-skating rink. This is such a fun Winter activity that adults and young ones alike can get into. Of course, there are so many activities that you can do with your family inside to pass the dreary days, but anytime you can get outdoors and stretch your legs is surely a welcome change.

Visit a Nature Center

Another nature outing option is to take a trip to visit a nature center. A day at the butterfly pavilion or the Myriad Botanical Gardens can provide you and your family with a whole day of fun. Check the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ website for special events and classes so you can plan your visit around them.

For more information to help you survive the Winter, check out some of our other blogs! From hearty meal ideas to organizing, we have got you covered.

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-26-2019



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