Items to Keep by the Front Door

Odds are you use your front door daily. From heading to work to greeting friends, the common denominator is the front door. Even though this area of the home is frequently used, most do not make it a focal point when decorating. That is why today, Ripple Creek Homes wants to offer a few beautiful items and a few handy items that you may want to consider setting up by the door.


“But I already have a doormat.” you may be thinking. Yea, but do you have two? By placing a doormat on the inside of your door as well as on the outside, you can cut down on dirt and debris entering your home even more. On top of that, doormats come in a variety of colors and designs that can help you dress up what is usually a boring area of the home.


Placing a mirror right by the front door will give you one last chance to make sure every hair is in place before you head out. Not to mention that your guests will appreciate the opportunity to check themselves when they arrive at your home as well. Additionally, mirrors can be quite beautiful as decoration and can visually open up what is typically a cramped area.


Having fresh flowers or a houseplant near the entryway will surely bring a smile to everyone who enters your home. If you have the space for it, perhaps you could set up a small table in this area. This can provide an easy place to stow your keys and wallet and it will provide the perfect stand for a lively bouquet.

Dog Leash

If your family includes a Fido, then surely your daily routine includes walks. But nothing is worse than having to scramble to find all the supplies you need to head out on a walk. To solve this problem, you can set up a little organized dog walking station by the front door. Equip it with leashes, treats, and doggie bags.

At Ripple Creek Homes, we strive to make your life easier by providing helpful information and by building homes that are easy to live in. Why not browse some of our available homes today!

By Ripple Creek Homes 9-30-2020



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