How to Choose a Kitchen Island

When you buy a Ripple Creek Home, you are buying a home with quality and convenience built into every space. This includes the kitchens of our homes. We build with your wants and needs in mind, that is why in almost all our kitchens you will see gorgeous islands. But not every homeowner has the luxury of a kitchen island. If that is the case for you and you have recently decided to upgrade to one, how can you decide which shape and style will suit you best? Here are a few advantages to each style of kitchen island to help you decide.


This shape of island is probably the most popular style. Therefore, there is a wide range of finishes and options available. Because many modern homes arrange cabinets and counters along kitchen walls in a rectangular manner, a rectangular island blends in and compliments those spaces well. This shape also makes it easy to outfit with as much storage as you like.


If you are short on kitchen space, a round island may be right for you! This shape of island is often smaller than other shapes and is easy to move around. But it is still a great solution for when you need extra storage and counter space. It is great for homes with children as well since the danger of running into sharp corners on accident is removed.


If you have a large kitchen with a little bit of space to work with, an L-shaped island is a lovely option. Not only will it offer you the maximum amount of counter space and storage, but you can also use part of it as a breakfast bar or additional seating.

Regardless of which type of island you land on, you are surely going to be pleased with the extra bit of functionality that it lends to your kitchen space. If you want a home that is everything you want from the beginning, however, then look at our available homes today!

By Ripple Creek Homes 10-30-2020



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