Family Activities for this Spring

Spring is here and that means that the weather is starting to warm up. This is good news for couples and families. It makes doing things together out of doors much easier. Ripple Creek Homes understands the importance of being outside which is why we build our homes alongside beautiful nature. However, unless you ran on a treadmill all winter you’re probably a little rusty when it comes to exercise. There are a lot of things to start off this spring to ease your way back into the exercise that isn’t too extraneous. These activities will be fun for the kids as well. This can also be the start of a good routine to do with the kiddos for quality time and exercise.

Bike Rides

Start out with a bike ride. There are always trails around to be able to enjoy nature of all kinds. It allows you to pick how long you want to go for the type of trail you want to take. Kids have various types of abilities depending on their age. By getting a map and planning out some bike rides with the family over the next couple of weeks will help you and the family to spend quality time together. This can be a source of joy that the family looks forward to every week. Make sure that you always have the proper gear when you bike. Little ones with helmets and a safe baby carrier if you have a little one.


This can tend to be a little bit harder for little ones because of the terrain. So, you’ll have to scout these out for what will be best for the family. Hiking allows for quality time with the family to look at nature but to also talk with each other. Being able to pack a lunch or snack and hike to a beautiful area where you and the family can sit and talk or play games can be some of the best moments you can create together.

Kite Flying

There always seems to be windy days in the spring time. This makes for some good kite flying weather. Don’t just make a quick stop at the store and buy a kite though. Make this a fun project with the kids where you look up instructions on how to make one. Then plan out with the kids what you want it to look like. Let them have fun in decorating it. Once it is complete have the kids go out and test it out. It will quickly become a fun activity to do with the kids in the evening or on the weekend.

There are many things to do outside with the family, these are merely just a few. Family time is important. By making it a routine to go out and do things together the family bond is strengthened. This makes for happy families full of love. Ripple Creek knows the value of having trails and nature around. That is why we have built in an area where there is plenty of it. Take a look at the homes we have available in The Falls Community.

By Ripple Creek Homes 4-5-2018



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