Best Way To Take Care of Your Trees in the Winter

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Many people think that come wintertime, you don’t have to think about the trees that are sitting in the front yard. This is a major mistake that most new homeowners make. Then come spring, they are left wondering why their trees didn’t make it through the winter. The next thought they go through is that their tree just wasn’t mature enough to keep alive during the winter. However, we have the key when it comes to making sure that your trees will make it through the winter! We plant many trees each year for the homes we build. Here is our secret!

Your trees need to be watered during the winter. There is a common misconception that they are dormant, and therefore don’t need to be watered. However, they do need to be watered in order to guarantee that they will make it through winter. This applies to older trees and especially newer planted trees. If they have just been planted and this is their first winter, then you’re going to need to make sure that they get properly watered. This helps to ensure that your trees get the moisture they need to help their roots grow strong.

While watering your trees is very important, there is also another very important step into making sure that your trees will make it through the winter, and that is to wrap them. If you don’t, then the bark becomes what is called sunscald. This happens when the sun thaws the tree trunk in the day and then the air freezes it by night. This then causes the bark to rupture. Wrapping your trees is a minor detail when it comes to the care of your trees, but it goes a long way in protecting them against the harsh effects of winter especially when you compare the price it would take to replace a tree. It’s much better to go and buy a $10 roll of tree wrap.

Ripple Creek Homes cares about nature and realizes how important it is when it comes to the wellbeing of people. That is why we make sure that there are beautiful landscapes for every home that we build. If you’re wanting a new home with beautiful landscaping to help ease the mind, and a place to relax, then we have the perfect home for you! Check out the communities we build in!

By Ripple Creek Homes 3-17-2021



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