How Living Near Green Spaces Boosts Health and Happiness

Nature has an uncanny way of grounding us and leading us toward success, regardless of where we stand in life. The advantages of immersing oneself in nature are boundless. Recognizing this, Ripple Creek Homes has strategically selected land plots with nature at arm's reach, ensuring perpetual... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 3-26-2024

The Advantages of Buying a New Home

Purchasing a home is a significant and deeply personal decision. Our team here at Ripple Creek Homes believe that choosing a new home comes with a myriad of advantages. Today, we would like to share some of the compelling reasons why we believe investing... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 2-29-2024

Winter Roof Care

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, where diverse landscapes meet the ever-changing beauty of four distinct seasons, homeowners must navigate the unique challenges presented by Winter. As we embrace the enchanting season with its hot cocoa and toasty fires, Ripple Creek Homes is committed... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 1-29-2024

New Homes and Foundation Settling

At Ripple Creek Homes, we specialize in crafting new homes ready for your enjoyment. Opting for a new home means you can relish worry-free living without immediate concerns about major maintenance. However, it's essential to acknowledge that new homes, like any construction, undergo settling... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-28-2023

Reasons Why Living In Edmond is Great

At Ripple Creek Homes, we believe Edmond, Oklahoma, is not just a location; it's a lifestyle. Here's why this charming city stands out as an exceptional place to call home and why we love to build here.

Thriving Community Spirit

Edmond boasts a warm... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 11-28-2023

How to Be a Good Neighbor

One of the things that makes living in a Ripple Creek home special is that you get more than a family home, you get a community. You can contribute to a wonderful community by being a good neighbor. Being a good neighbor... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 10-31-2023

Is It Mold or Water Damage?

Identifying mold and water damage and addressing these issues promptly is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. Here are some tips to help you distinguish between mold and water damage and then what you can do about it.

Identifying Mold

Firstly, let’s identify... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 9-28-2023

End of Summer Home Maintenance

As summer comes to an end, it's a good time to perform some home maintenance tasks to prepare for the transition to the cooler months. Here are some end-of-summer home maintenance tasks you should add to your to-do list.

Give Attention to Gutters

Remove leaves, debris,... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 8-30-2023

Tips for Beating the Heat

We always build our Ripple Creek Homes with the highest quality materials. This includes what goes behind your walls. All electricity, HVAC, and insulation is the latest in regards to codes and standards. Which translates to a better temperature-controlled house and bigger savings on... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 7-31-2023

Ways to Use or Dispose of Weeds

For many, summertime is a season of battle. You and your pristine lawn against persistent unwanted weeds. If you would like some tips on how to use and dispose of weeds as you pull them, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 6-29-2023



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