What to do at Home When You're in Quarantine

When it comes to your home you might be thinking that you’ll spend a good portion of your life in it, but you probably didn’t think that you would be asked to stay in it for days on end. This is why it is... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 3-31-2020

How to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, reflecting... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 2-29-2020

Bathroom Themes for Your Next Renovation

After days scouring Pinterest for bathroom inspiration, you... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 1-28-2020

How to Enjoy Nature in Winter

Ripple Creek Homes knows how important it is for people to be close to nature. That is why we choose to build in neighborhoods that are surrounded by natural beauty. But when it is cold out and all the greenery is hibernating, how can... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-26-2019

How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Ripple Creek Homes believes you should not have to sacrifice functionality for style. That is why we love to build thoughtfully designed laundry rooms, equipped with plenty of workspace and storage areas. But everyone knows that a “lived in” look is not difficult to... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 12-5-2019

Bring Fall Scents into Your Home

It is officially Fall here in Oklahoma. And to celebrate, Ripple Creek Homes wants to share a few our favorite ways to fill your home with the comforting scents of Autumn. Let’s get started!

Homemade Body Scrub

Ok, so this is a two-for-one because with this... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 10-10-2019

Forms of Security

Sadly, we live in a world where security is something we all need to give attention to. Ripple Creek Homes works hard to build homes that you and your family can enjoy, and we want you to feel safe and comfortable in your new... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 8-29-2019

Caring for Hardwood Floors

Ripple Creek Homes uses only top of the line design elements. A favorite element of ours to feature is hardwood flooring. The beautiful stains and grains add a luxurious yet natural element to any room. Although hardwood flooring is relatively low maintenance, we want to help you protect... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 7-1-2019

Restain Your Deck This Spring

There are many different aspects to a home. Most of them you probably don’t even think about until there is something wrong with it. Ripple Creek wants to help you maintain your home in a way that keeps it healthy while keeping cost down to... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 5-29-2019

Landscaping Your Home this Spring

Ripple Creek Homes has chosen to build their homes around beautiful nature. With trees and a lake nearby, there is always somewhere peaceful and quiet nearby for when you need to get away. Nature has a way of bringing... [read more]

By Ripple Creek Homes 4-30-2019


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