Ripple Creek Homes (RCH) is a top custom home builder in Edmond Ok for more than nine years running. Providing high performance residential home construction by one of the best contractors in Oklahoma. Builders of this caliber are always in demand.

Ripple Creek Homes has built custom houses with true quality craftsmanship in Edmond Oklahoma, and surrounding areas. The goal has been to deliver the quality that any discerning home buyer would expect, and more, from a custom residential home builder. These luxury homes deliver a level of comfort that some might not think available in an energy efficient custom built residence.

‘We believe jobs are personal. Relationships are permanent. Quality is everything! These are the hallmarks of a company whose projects begin with listening, evolve by understanding and become reality through a commitment to quality and the belief that beauty is in every detail.’ – Paul E. Harris

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For 9+ years, RippleCreekHomes has been at the forefront of custom home builders in the region, building many clients first home and/or the home of their dreams. RCH is a well reputed Custom Home Builder that understands the care required to create a beautiful custom home according to the owners specifications. The goal being an exquisite creation, and a smooth building process.

As an experienced builder, RCH has a long history of successful projects and scores of happy customers that have used their services in the past and were happy with how RCH managed to turn their dream home into reality. RCH has clients from many regions, including Luther, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Norman, Moore, Oklahoma City Metro and also Edmond, Ok. Our goal is to always exceed our customers' expectations by being an exceptional general contractor and builder of high quality houses. In order to achieve this we have a strict quality control process and very experienced contractors who make sure that each important step in the building process is met.

We are a Residential home builder versed in building many types of homes, ranging from modern architecture to homes that employ exotic architectural elements that make your house easily stand out in your neighborhood. We can accommodate just about any type of construction you are interested in.

For RippleCreekHomes, quality is everything and we believe that a great project always starts with a exceptional customer relationships. We start the process by listening to exactly what you would like to build. We can offer advice on the nuances of your building plan that will help save money, time and potential problems that you might not receive from a less experienced contractor.

The upcoming Parade of Homes is a great opportunity to tour a number of our completed houses. You will be able to see, first hand, our attention to detail and care we put into the construction process.

downtown EDMOND okDowntown Edmond

Significant attractions include the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Lazy E Arena and the historic Guthrie. These attractions are only a short drive from downtown Edmond, which is located on Route 66 - which is considered the areas Mother Road. Golfing is a popular event in the area. The PGA, USGA, and other events, are hosted here. Pro and weekend golfers alike enjoy the 200+ holes of champion golf which are only minutes away from your Edmond home. In addition, high quality soccer, competition ice skating events, as well as tennis facilities are widely available. The area hosts USTA tournaments that feature players from all over the planet.Located a little north of Oklahoma City, Edmond Ok sit right in the heart of the state. It is widely considered the "Crown Jewel " of Oklahoma. The community in Edmond is vibrant and offers something for everyone - it is likely to meet your needs. Exceptional hotels, convenient attractions, high level golfing tournaments, quaint outdoor shopping centers that include unique retail shops and antique items as well. One nice detail you don't find everywhere is public art on most street corners.

Fine dining is an Edmond favorite pastime. Of course, whether you are interested in fast food, casual dining or high end gourmet, one of the area's one hundred and fifty+ restaurants are sure to satisfy yor preference.

The City of Edmond consciously intended the integration of visual arts as a community focus. Large bronze sculptures bless many street corners through the town. Public art simply feels more inviting, creates an enjoyable atmosphere and reminds people of the beauty around them. One big reason to consider Edmond your new home, or to consider finding a local custom home builder edmond ok to build your dream home, is that Edmond is in the top 11 safest cities in the nation! Having a safe place to live, have friends visit, work and go to school is a top priority for the Police Department in Edmond. Local Residential Contractor with significant experience RippleCreekHomes is a top local custom home builder with extensive building experience in this area. Building a new home is an expensive endeavor, in terms of both finances time and energy. It is imperative that you consider a contractor with the experience, training, and references required for the smooth implementation of a well thought out building plan. RippleCreekHomes has an extensive portfolio, numerous homes on the market, and a history of delivering timely value and high quality product in its custom home builder projects.