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Oklahoma City (OKC) Custom Home Builder Ripple Creek Homes - your builder with over nine years experience. Providing high quality and performance construction of residential homes by one of the best contractors in OKC.

Ripple Creek Homes (RCH) stands out as a top builder in OKC with its quality craftsmanship. This residential home builder strives to deliver higher quality product than most discerning home buyers would expect. Contractors, such as RCH, build luxury homes with the goal of comfort, high efficiency and quality in mind.

We believe jobs are personal. Relationships are permanent. Quality is everything! These are the hallmarks of a company whose projects begin with listening, evolve by understanding and become reality through a commitment to quality and the belief that beauty is in every detail. – Paul E. Harris

RCH has built many custom dream homes for numerous clients. RCH is well respected as a Custom Home Builder in OKC that understands the care required to create beautiful homes in accordance with a new owners preferences. The end result being the creation of an ideal new residence exactly matching the owner's vision.

RCH is a residential builder and contractor with experience. It has a long history of successful projects and numerous satisfied clients. RCH has clients from many regions, including Edmond, Moore, Norman, Luther, Deer Creek, Piedmont, and of course Oklahoma City Metro. The goal is always exceeding our customers expectations, being an exceptional general contractor and builder of the highest quality homes. To achieve this we have a strict quality guidelines and we choose only experienced sub-contractors who make sure that each important step in the building process is achieved.

Being an experienced Residential home builder RCH requires being versed in building many types of homes. These range from modern styles to any other variety that makes a house feel like a home to the owner - the goal is to meet the owners personal preferences in every instance. We will accommodate whichever style you most enjoy.

For RCH, high quality is all important. RCH believes that a superior project always begins with focused customer relationships. The process begins with intent listening to the clients vision and then they will respond with the reality behind achieving those goals. They offer real world advice on various aspects of the building process in relation to the specifics demanded by the clients vision. These insights frequently help the owner save time, money and frustration that might occur without the experienced insight brought to the table by RippleCreekHomes custom home builder in OKC.

The Parade of Homes is coming up shortly. It is a great opportunity to take a tour of our completed houses. You will be able to see, and touch, the result of our meticulous attention to detail in person. In the meantime, please visit our portfolio and blog found in the menu at the top of the page.

This could be your custom home in Oklahoma City OKC - RippleCreekHomes is the custom home builder of choice.

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Oklahoma City OK is a thriving City with great areas in which to build a custom home.
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The capital, and largest city in Oklahoma, is Oklahoma City which is the twenty seventh most populated city in the United States. It's sprawling metropolitan area has a population of nearly 1.3 million residents. OKC has an exceptional community and robust economy with one of the largest livestock markets found anywhere in the world. The dominant force in the local economy is based on petroleum products, oil, natural gas and similar industry. The city itself sits in the middle of an active oil field. There is also substantial federal government employment at Tinkers Air Force Base and the US Department of Transportation's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. The community in Oklahoma City, Ok is modern and metropolitan - including an abundance of artistic endeavors, excellent health care, and superior education. It is considered a very livable city with a thriving economy - a perfect place to pursue business goals and a great lifestyle.