How to Be a Good Neighbor

One of the things that makes living in a Ripple Creek home special is that you get more than a family home, you get a community. You can contribute to a wonderful community by being a good neighbor. Being a good neighbor involves practicing considerate and respectful behaviors that help maintain a harmonious community. Here are some things you can do or avoid to be a kind and considerate neighbor.

Respect Quiet Hours

Be mindful of quiet hours in your neighborhood, which typically fall during early morning and late evening. Avoid noisy activities like mowing the lawn, playing loud music, or operating power tools during these hours. The good news is that our homes are placed on generous lots with plenty of space, meaning that you can get away with loud music and movies without it reaching your neighbors’ ears.

Lawn Maintenance Timing

Plan your lawn care activities during reasonable hours, typically from late morning to early evening. This is particularly considerate if you do most of your lawn maintenance on the weekends since many of your neighbors may enjoy sleeping in a bit outside of the work week.

Trash Can Management

Another way you can be a good neighbor is by ensuring your trash cans are placed at the curb on the designated pickup days and return them promptly after collection. Leaving trash cans out for extended periods can be unsightly and obstructive.

Observe Property Lines

Another way you can be a good neighbor is by knowing and respecting property lines. You can do this by ensuring your outdoor activities, such as gardening or construction projects, do not encroach on your neighbors' land or privacy.


Maintain open lines of communication with your neighbors. If you anticipate doing something that may affect them, such as hosting a large event or a major home renovation, let them know in advance. Sometimes this small gesture can make all the difference.

Helping Hand

Offer assistance when you can. Simple gestures, like helping your neighbor carry groceries or assisting with yard work, can go a long way in building positive relationships. And when you foster good relationships with your neighbors, they are likely to be a good neighbor back to you.

Being a good neighbor is about fostering a sense of community and ensuring that the people around you feel respected and valued. By following these guidelines and practicing respect, you can help create a pleasant living environment and maintain positive relationships with your neighbors.

By Ripple Creek Homes 10-31-2023



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