Fall Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

As the weather continues to cool, it means that Winter is not too far behind. Before the weather gets too frigid, it's important to give attention to home maintenance tasks that you may have put off during the Summer. While doing so, though, make sure to not make these common mistakes.

Being Careless With the Pressure Washer

Seasons of dirt and weather can leave the outside of your home dingy. To combat this, many homeowners utilize the power of a pressure washer to make their home spic and span. But before you start pressure washing your home, you should know that not every material on your house can stand up to the high pressure water from one of these machines. Siding, windows, and roofing, for example, can all be damaged if you use the highest setting on a pressure washer. Just make sure to use a medium pressure setting and a wide spray nozzle to prevent damage when pressure washing delicate areas of your home.

Neglecting Paint Touch Up

Exterior paint is for more than just aesthetics. It helps keep the materials underneath that paint in good condition. It’s only natural that as the weather beats down on your home, that some parts of paint become weak and brittle. That is why it's important to survey the exterior of your home for areas where there is missing or chipped paint. If you identify any areas like this, touch them up with new paint so that they can stand up to the Winter weather.

Leaving Leaves in Your Gutters

As the leaves fall from trees, don’t just let them be, especially if they have found their way into your gutters. Leaves left in gutters are bound to create blockages. When water can not divert properly away from your home, it can lead to ice dams and foundation issues. You definitely don’t want to be dealing with ice dams in the freezing Winter, so make sure to make time to clean your gutters now.

Not Replacing Your Furnace Filter

And finally, don’t forget to replace your furnace filter this Fall. An old, dirty furnace filter will cause your furnace to not work efficiently, which will result in higher energy bills, it will lower the lifespan of your unit itself, and your home will not be as comfortable and warm.

If you avoid these common Fall maintenance tasks, you will save yourself time, money, and frustration!

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By Ripple Creek Homes 10-25-2022



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