Caring for Hardwood Floors

Ripple Creek Homes uses only top of the line design elements. A favorite element of ours to feature is hardwood flooring. The beautiful stains and grains add a luxurious yet natural element to any room. Although hardwood flooring is relatively low maintenance, we want to help you protect your investment so that you are just as in love with your home years down the line as the day you bought it. So, how can you protect your wood flooring?

One of the major benefits of hardwood floors, is that dirt does not get trapped and hidden like it can in carpeted areas. So, when you clean your floors, you can have confidence that they are clean. This may result in a bit more of a regular sweeping or vacuuming schedule, however. A small price to pay for the homey feel they provide, in our opinion. Other cleaning maintenance would include mopping. It is important to remember that although water should be your best friend, that is not the case with wood. Lightly misting floor cleaner before mopping will aid in preserving your lovely floors.

Along with excess water, other things you will want to avoid using on your floors would be vinegar, soap, or wax-based cleaners. Vinegar will strip the finish off your floors, dulling them over time, while soap and wax cleaners will leave residue and buildup. Polishing your floors every few months will also prove beneficial. Using a simple hardwood floor polish, this will renew the finish and fill in micro scratches in order to prolong the life of the floors.

One of the most important things you can do for your hardwood floors is to take preventative measures to slow down the most common wears. Try to be mindful of shoes and heavy boots and remove them at the door if possible, in order to prevent dirt buildup and unnecessary wear and tear. Did you notice a piece of ice fall on the floor? Now for some of us, our gut reaction is to kick that ice cube under the refrigerator, but why not take a quick second to retrieve it. Small actions like that will add up to having decades of beautiful hardwood flooring.

As a final tip, why not consider the addition of a stylish rug? Rugs are a favorite addition among designers and homeowners alike, and for good reason. A well-placed rug in a high traffic area of your home can cushion the wear that your hardwood floors usually take the brunt of. Not to mention the fact that a rug can change the look of the room to fit your style best. From flashy patterns and bold colors to muted neutrals and earthy tones, a rug can suit you in many ways.

If you are truly interested in making an investment last, look no further than Ripple Creek. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most of us will make. We make sure to use only top of the line fixtures and elements so you can rest easy knowing your home will last. That way you can spend less time worrying about your home and more time enjoying it. Since you are already here, why not browse our available homes to get a sense of what we are talking about.

By Ripple Creek Homes 7-1-2019



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