Great pictures make a huge difference when marketing your house for sale. It is extremely important that photos make potential buyers actually want to view your home.

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August 30th, 2011By: Paul Harris

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Ten improvements to make before selling your home.

August 29th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Here are 10 improvements to make before selling your home:

  • Patch all holes and cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Fix all broken appliances and HVAC systems.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Replace worn carpeting.
  • Repaint dark or marred walls with neutral paint (not white).
  • Replace broken windows.
  • Repair the roof.
  • Change out dated light fixtures / ceiling fans.
  • Replace old linens /window coverings.
  • Fix code violations.

New model home: Open 2-4 Saturdays & Sundays

August 27th, 2011By: Paul Harris

700 Bridgeview Place (Gated Community-The Lakes at Bridgewater) on Santa Fe, north of 2nd st in Edmond. Peaceful community with private lakes.

Framing complete-19609 Meadow Bend Ave.

August 27th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Check us out. The Elms of Stonebriar (Western & Danforth, Edmond).

Copper sink maintanence

August 27th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Use a soft fabric microfiber towel or sponge as you apply mild soap and water to your copper sink. Gently clean, rinse, and wipe dry. If you want to maintain a shiny copper finish, you may opt for a copper cleaner. However, it is important that you avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals such as vinegar, lemon juice, bleach or chlorine, as these can cause obvious damage to the surface of your sink.

New open house. Saturday and Sunday 2-4.

August 26th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Please come see our new open house. 700 Bridgeview Place (The Lakes at Bridgewater in Edmond).

Tile cleaning tip

August 26th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Never use steel wool, abrasive scrubbing powders, or any other harsh scrubbing materials on your tile. Your tile has a finish on it that can be damaged with any of these products. Soft cleaning cloths and mops are usually all that is required.

Energy Tip

August 24th, 2011By: Paul Harris

Using an energy-efficient dishwasher is more green than hand-washing a sink full of dirty dishes.

Lawn watering tip

August 23rd, 2011By: Paul Harris

Always water the lawn before sunrise or after dark to reduce evaporation and water more efficiently.